Thursday, September 16, 2010

Using IPW3945 instead IWL3945 for Intel wireless 3945 in hardy

while i’m using my dell d620 with an intel wireless 3945 card i have the following problems with hardy and the new iwl3945:

-throughput is limited 110kb/s rx
-the wireless lan is very unstable
-sometimes the system freezes while scanning for networks

i tried some things to workaround:

- installed the ubuntu-backports (so the driver 1.2.25 is install) = ok the wlan led works again
- add the file /etc/modprobe.d/iwl3945 (alias wlan0 iwl3945
options iwl3945 disable_hw_scan=1)
- to config the card i used wicd ( of the builtin network-admin

now i decided to backport to the old ipw3945 driver which has do everything fine in gutsy…

1. sudo vim /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist

added the lines
# blacklist new iwl3945
blacklist iwl3945
blacklist mac8021

so the new iwl3945 won’t load at system startup

2. Reboot

3. Download ipw3945 microcode ( and copy it into /lib/firmware/2.6.24-17-generic/

4. Download ipw3945 regulatory daemon from here and copy it into /sbin/
(copy the file within folder x86 to /sbin/ too)

5. get the patch from here thanks

6. get the ipw driver

7. patch -p1 <> (target file = ipw3945.h)

8. make

9. sudo make install

10. sudo chmod 777 /sbin/ipw*

11. add a file /etc/modprobe.d/ipw3945
add lines:
install ipw3945 /sbin/modprobe -i ipw3945 ; sleep 0.5 ; /sbin/ipw3945d –quiet
remove ipw3945 /sbin/ipw3945d --kill ; /sbin/modprobe -r -i ipw3945

12. sudo modprobe ipw3945

13. reboot

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