Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Cygwin!!! Can you cause more problems?

I can't say I am a Linux guy because I am not expert but I do only
use Linux at home and office. Now I have a task to port a Perl
regression script to python and make it work on both Windows/Cygwin
and Linux.
Now let's talk about the Cygwin.
I am using Modelsim. I have no idea how to make work properly under
Cygwin. I can't pass Cygwin path to Modelsim commands. For example:
'vlib /home/enchanter/prja/work'. It failed. The solution I found
from Internet is using 'cygpath' to convert it to Windows like mix
style. (So ugly). I can't look back to my script again after add all
the 'ifeq xxx, cygpath' things.
Now it is g++ in Cygwin. Try to compile someone's C++ code. They
put –std=c++0x as compile flag. Cygwin g++ failed by can't find
definition of snprintf(). I found workaround from Cygwin mailist to
change it to –std=gnu++0x which is posted back to 2009. I don't know
why that problem still happened in 5 years later.
make also has problem. I can run 'make -h' to get the help
message. But when I try to really make something. I got error in the
middle like this "make: make : command not found"? What? If it is not
there how could you start make?
The next is x8664 Cygwin. I can't compile systemc-2.3.0 in it. I can
do it on Ubuntu x8664 machine, there's no problem. To debugging it
is beyond my knowledge, have to roll back to 32 bit version :-(.
Now I have to stop try Cygwin. Because it drives me crazy. Maybe I
should read the manual from the first page or find a tutorial to do
it line by line. But why can't it just make things as easy as Linux?
Isn't the Cygwin just try to let windows user use something like
Linux has? Nothing holds me back to Windows. My decision for know,
"Linux Only". I may update the verification environment someday later
when I'm able to work it work. Definitely not the near future.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Pull Request has been Merged

I'm just too excited to post this because my pull request is
merged. Actually that is very simple change of a Python library and
what I have done is just changed then way to import the libraries to
make it support Python3. But it is the first time I try to contribute.
Really hope this could happened 20+ years ago when I was still
young. But even to late, right?

BTW, also remember a reply from a forum: "Change request? Why not just
change the code and send a PULL REQUEST?"

If you never do that, try it, simple change can be merged :-).