Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Good BitBucket Python API and CLI Packages

Since start using GIT as version control system, I use put all my
repos on BitBucket. I love the unlimited private repos from them. But
no command line tools for it is really painful for Linux users. Then I
start looking for good Python API for it to write simple script to
create/clone/list repos. But my Python knowledge make it a hard task
for me to do a good script.

Today just before I try to add "Description" to create repo, I found
the API "python-bitbucket-api" with Python script already. Try it out,
it is really good. Just some small issues like install and argument
parsing. Now everything works fine for me. Hope new features will
coming from original author(s).

If anyone is using BitBucket and looking for a command line tool for
it, you can give it a try: hg clone

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Start to Like Org Clock

Start the learn how to use "CLOCK" in org-mode. I love it. You can do
the clock in and clock out. Then you got your simple report on how
much time you spent on your little tasks or the whole project. That's
so easy and wonderful.

After 3 days, I figure out that I spend 2.05 hours on my current
project. Hope me boss would never read this post. The "CLOCK" will be
part of my self management tool from now.