Sunday, October 5, 2008

Adding Searches and Tools to Your Browser

This page shows how easy it is to add tool and search plugins to your Internet Explorer 7 and Firefox 2/Firefox 3 browser.
Just click the links below for the Cisco tools and searches you want to add to your browser.



Managing plugins for Firefox 2 and Firefox 3 browsers.

  1. Open the search pulldown window and select "Manage Search Engines".


  2. This panel allows you to reorder search plugins or delete them.


Managing plugins for Internet Explorer 7 browser.

  1. Open the search pulldown window and select "Change Search Defaults".


  2. This panel allows you to remove search plugins from your browser. Note that Internet Explorer 7 doesn't give you any options for setting the order of the search plugins.

    manage - step 2

The Plugin Available Indicator

When browsing you may notice the search plugin pulldown change color. This indicates that a browser plugin is available.

Firefox 2/Firefox 3
Internet Explorer 7
ff indicator
ie7 indicator

Open the pulldown box and select the plugin to add.

ff step1
ie7 step 1

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