Monday, October 13, 2008

15+ "must have" Cisco Cheat Sheets

Below is the link list to essential Cisco related cheat sheets (collection of notes or quick reference guides whatever). By the way, we don't recommend to cheat anything and/or do a cheating of any sort by means of using these materials ;)

1. Cisco IOS Versions (preview, what’s this?)
2. Physical Terminations/Connectors (preview, what’s this?)
3. VLANs (preview, what’s this?)
4. Quality of Service (preview, what’s this?)
mpls cheat sheet small 5. MPLS (preview, what’s this?)
6. IP Access Lists (preview, what’s this?)
7. Spanning Tree (preview, what’s this?)
8. OSPF (preview, what’s this?)
9. EIGRP (preview, what’s this?)
10. BGP (preview, what’s this?)

11. General Cisco IOS cheat sheet (router/switch commands etc.)
12. Cisco Commands for Beginners
13. Descriptive list of Cisco Commands (fresh)
14. Cisco IOS Firewall Cheat Sheet (Official Design Guide)
15. Cisco - Ethernet Encapsulation (in pdf)
16. Mini CCNA Cheat Sheet
17. CCNA Cheat Sheet (commands debugging)
18. Connector Pinouts Cheat Sheets

Great thanks to Jeremy Stretch (author of for the first 10 cheat sheets from above list (to get them all just download this package).

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