Monday, June 16, 2008

CCNA First Day

From the title, it seems that today is the first that I start my study. But in fact I have had 4 weeks classes yet. But why I still call today the first day. Because it is the first day I really put my heart on it and record my everything about this learning in my blog. Hope this can help to force me to work hard on it and pass the exams.

This weekend I will have two days classes and they are the last classes for CCNA. But I still have a lot of things do not understand very well on the router protocols, such as RIP, EIGRP and OSPF. (I think those are all what I learned in CCNA.)

I transfer from Sunday class to Weekend class. That makes me miss the SPAN tree, switch configuration and VLAN sudy. I think these days I should study it by myself and catch up others.

The good news is this weekend, the teacher will teach us about the router protocol. I can try to ask some question to make me understand them better.

OK. Let me find what's in the CD about CCNA. It is also the first time I brower it (another first day).
1. The Appointment Flow for the remote access lab.
2. Link of the network topology.

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