Saturday, July 28, 2007

Disabling the F10 Key (menu accelerators) in Gnome Terminal

To disable the F10 “feature” in gnome-terminal you have two options. I’ll outline both.

The first option is to open the gnome-terminal and select “Edit” from the File menu, and then select “Keyboard Shortcuts”.

Within the next window check the boxes for:

Disable all menu access keys (such as Alt-f to open File menu)

Disable menu shortcut key (F10 by default)

At this point the changes should be available and the F10 key should be unused by gnome-terminal.

For the second option, you’ll need to launch the gconf-editor. You can do this like so:

press ALT-F2. This will open the “Run Application” dialog box for gnome.

In the field provided type “gconf-editor” and hit ENTER.

Well then need to navigate our way to the following two addresses to change what the default value may be.



What these paths mean, if it isn’t clear, is to navigate on the
left-side column to “apps” > “gnome-terminal” > “global” and find
the check boxes for “use_menu_accelerators” and “use_mnemonics”.

In my testing you may need to uncheck both of them for the change to
work. The change should be immediate. The F10 key should now be
available for use in htop and other similar applications that try to
bind the F10 key but are unable because the focus is stolen by

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