Thursday, June 24, 2010

Root All Android 2.1 HTC Phone

How-TO Root the
HTC Slide
HTC Aria + See this Link >
Works With ALL 2.1 HTC PHONE"S

If you Have Trouble Finding Device.. Pull the SDCard, Once Found & In recovery Put sdcard back in!!

First things First... Power Off the Slide

Download This Package > Slide

kingofyo1's Video How-to >

Thanks to brokensanity for Re-writing my How-to!!

How-TO Root the Slide

First!! - Go to Settings > Application > Development and turn on USB Debugging. This should save you headaches.

NOW… Power Off the Slide

Download This Package > Slide

Step 1.
Place the Contents of "Slide" into your Android SDK Tools folder.

Step 2.
Open Command Prompt or Terminal and CD to the SDK/Tools Directory.

Step 3.
Power on the Slide into the bootloader by Holding Down ( Volume Down + Power Button )

Step 4.
Now run your loop file from the prompt (either type "loop" in windows or "./" in a *nix like)

Step 5.
Once your loop is running in your prompt, select Recovery from the bootloader menu.

Step 6.
When recovery loads, you should Have an Offline Device. You can use ctrl+c to stop your script & see.
If this doesn't happen, Power Off and try again..

Step 7.
Un-plug your USB cable from the back of your phone & Plug it back in for it to Detect ADB Correctly!!! This is an important step. At this point you can adb devices to see if you can see your device and that it is in recovery mode.

Step 8.
Select from the menu. (This will fail, but we already know that! Select it anyway).

Step 9.
adb push /sdcard/ (*nixlike users add a ./ in front of all terminal commands please.)

Step 11.
adb push /sdcard

Step 12.
This is Very important!! Have this Command ready in your prompt before applying again!!

adb push /sdcard

step 13.
Hit run, as soon as you see a Little Bar appear under the text push Enter to execute the command in your prompt (adb push /sdcard )

Step 14.
In successful, you should see Clockwork Recovery. If unsuccessful, repeat steps 12 & 13.

Step 15.
Now, go to the Partitions menu and Mount System

step 16.
Go back one level & select install any zip from sdcard. Select & apply update from zip (This will finish the Root process).

Step 17.
Reboot your phone & wait for it to load completely. To confirm that your slide is connected as a device use the command adb devices. If this works, you will see it as a device. Your prompt will say something like:

$ ./adb devices
List of devices attached
HT05YUP12710 device

Step 18.
adb install Superuser.apk (If this looks like it works, but says it cannot locate directories, make sure you can find your device using adb devices… If things still don't work, my best advice is to start over)

Step 19.
After Superuser is installed try to use adb to shell to your device.

adb shell
you will get a $

Then type su

Superuser should pop-up asking if you give permission, do so.
Your $ should turn into a #. If so, you have root.


That's it, you now Have Root... I'll clean this up a bit, But it's the same Root method as the HTC Incredible... I Just added Su & fix the Script, Plus figuring out how-to get it to write to system to Paul O'Brien:
Koushik K. Dutta: already made Recovery Update..

Special Thanks to:

Paul O'Brien:
Koushik K. Dutta:
The Guys using the Incredible OTA Spoofing Method
ChiefzReloaded for Huge amount of Suggestion & Brain Storming.

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