Monday, August 25, 2008

Lab topology for your ccna, ccnp, ccie or just playing around

1. CCNP + CCNA Lab Topology for Chris Bryant Classes

Picture :

fast-track-topology Lab topology for your ccna, ccnp, ccie or just playing around

File :

2. CCNP+CCNA Lab Topology for Chris Bryant Classes (With Conf)

File :

3. Using Dynamips for CCIE Lab Preparation

Video : Click Here

File :

4. IPExpert Lab Topology V. 8.0 Full - Diagram A Standard Topology

IPExpert Lab Topology V. 8.0 Full - Diagram A Standard Topology and Initial Router configurations. The attached .zip contains the NET file, and the initial configurations for diagram A for IPExperts Diagram A. Diagram B addresses are used. This is the base configuration for all LAB’s from WB 8.0. I used two 3640’s with NM-16ESW modules to replace the 3550’s.

FIle :

5. Ccnplab by redboynono

Picture :

File :

6. ISCW Lab Topology

Picture :

diagram_182 Lab topology for your ccna, ccnp, ccie or just playing around

File :

7. CCNP BSCI lab


File :

8. Dynamips - Lab share

9. Expert-Labs, CCIE Routing and Switching, ISDN

10. Network Force

  • Physical cabling scheme & device specifications of CCIE Rack-1
  • Sample lab design Topology A (physical cabling always remains the same)
  • Sample lab design Topology B (physical cabling always remains the same)
  • Sample lab design Topology C (physical cabling always remains the same)
  • Sample lab design Topology D (physical cabling always remains the same)


Other Links :

11. Access Server

12. French Cisco Users Group

cisco topology

File : Lab 1

13. CCNP/CCNA lab topology / sypt

Picture : ZIP

14. IEWB V3 VOL1 LAB1, R1 - R6 AND BB1 - BB3 NVRAM’s and .net file complete. Just add IOS and boot up. Uses 2 instances of Dynamips.

File : zip

15. MPLS VPNs with duplicate customer addressing

Here’s a topology file I’ve created with a 4-node MPLS network. Two MPLS VPNs are configured with identical LAN and WAN addressing. The 4 PE routers exchange routes using MP-BGP and use OSPF for the full mesh of MPLS connections. Each CE router has two connections to the network. I’ve included a PDF file that lays out the topology, IGP and VPN routing. ( Justin White CCIE #14745)


16. IPExpert Section12 MultiProtA-DiagramA

What you’ll need:

    • 1 x PC that can run Dynamips and VMWare. Min 1GB RAM, Pentium Celeron
    • 1 x Pix 515 UR
    • 1 x 3550 Switch
    • 2 x ASA 5510
    • 1 x VPN Concentrator 3005
    • 1 x IPS 4215 (or FrankenIDS)

17. DMVPN config with EIGRP on 12.2T15

It consists of a Hub and a Spoke router emulated on the Dynamips emulator

18. MPLS VPNs v1.5 with MPLS-TE instead of LDP

Here’s the version 1.5 of my MPLS lab updated to use MPLS-TE instead of LDP for distribution of labels. There aren’t any other changes over version 1, so the diagrams should be identical. Remember that this version consists of a 4-node MPLS network. Two MPLS VPNs are configured with identical LAN and WAN addressing. The 4 PE routers exchange routes using MP-BGP and use OSPF for the full mesh of MPLS connections. Each CE router has two connections to the network ( Justin White CCIE #14745 )

File :

19. MPLS VPNs v2.5 with MPLS-TE instead of LDP

Here’s the version 2.5 of my MPLS lab updated to use MPLS-TE instead of LDP for distribution of labels. There aren’t any other changes over version 2, so the diagrams should be identical. Remember that this version consists of a 6-node MPLS network with a pair of P-core routers that also act as route-reflectors for the PE routers. ( Justin White CCIE #14745 )

File :

20. 3 topologies in one lab (simple1,Frame-Relay,Ethernet-Switch)

File :

21. MPLS ( based on Cisco very nice article you can see for your self in no more then 10 minutes a 6 router lab schema working with MPLS )

File :

22. ccie practice lab dynamips

.net topology that is smaller but very useful for IP Services practice like Proxy Arp, NAT, HSRP and all the things you want to test that do not require a full lab of 13 routers.

the lab was prepared from the IEWBv4 IPServices book under Advanced Technologies also to people that do not have this Work Book it can be very handy as it is not very hard to figure the structure of the lab.

File : newie

23. CCNP BSCI Student LAB from Curiculum

This is the first lab in the section EIGRP. (module 2 lab 1)
Attached is a picture of the layout, the gns file for those who use GNS-3 and of corse the net file.
You only have to change the path to your IOS image.

File :

24. GRE over IPSEC with EIGRP lab

This is a working lab built straight from the configuration guide from

File :

25. Cnap Bsci 642-901 Version 5.0 Dynamips Eigrp Lab Topology

Lab 2-1 EIGRP Configuration, Bandwidth, and Adjacencies
Lab 2-2 EIGRP Load Balancing
Lab 2-3 Summarization and Default Network Advertisement
Lab 2-4 EIGRP Frame Relay Hub and Spoke
Lab 2-5 EIGRP Authentication and Timers

File :

26. Sample topology for Inter-AS MPLS VPNs

After reading a section from “MPLS and VPN Architectures, Vol 2″, I looked closer at a feature that allows VPNv4 routes to be exchanged between two MPLS networks without requiring LDP or MPLS-TE, just BGP. Here’s the Cisco document:

MPLS VPN—Interautonomous System Support

Only the sample in the Cisco docs doesn’t document every step involved, so I’ve used their topology and filled in my own blanks. The attached ZIP file has a PDF showing the topology. Table 3 shows the specific platforms and minimum versions of IOS that support this feature.

Personally, this might be one of the coolest features that might appear on the CCIE SP lab. This was really fun to put together and I hope it helps someone one else too.

Justin White
CCIE #14745

File :

27. IPV6 RIPng

28. BGP/Default Route Lab (Brian)

Here’s a topology that mimics a network I just completed building. It consists of one location (AS65000) multihomed to 2 ISP’s (AS300,400), with a remote site (R2) connected to ISP B (AS400). Both sites, (R1,R2) are connected with a T1.

What I’m doing with this lab is sending a default route to R2 via BGP, full tables to R65000, and redistributing the default path to OSPF.

Since I’m using IOS firewall images, you could also have IPSec/GRE tunnels setup and run OSPF between R1 and R2.

29. IPv6 EIGRP Topology

Here is an IPv6 EIGRP Topology over Frame-Relay with an OSPFv3 route redistributed in to EIGRP.

Frame-Relay Cloud
R1 - IP Address ABCD::AC0C:7B01/96 (s1/0)
R2 - IP Address ABCD::AC0C:7B02/96 (s1/0)
R3 - IP Address ABCD::AC0C:7B03/96 (s1/0)

Fast Ethernet
R2 - IP Address BCDE::AC0C:1702/96 (fa1/0)
R3 - IP Address BCDE::AC0C:1703/96 (fa1/0)
R4 - IP Address BCDE::AC0C:1704/96 (fa1/0)

Point-to-Point Serial
R3 - IP Address CDEF::A02:203/96 (s1/1)
R4 - IP Address CDEF::A02:204/96 (s1/1)

R1 - IP Address 1111:1111::/16 (Lo0)
R2 - IP Address 2222:2222::/16 (Lo0)
R3 - IP Address 3333:3333::/16 (Lo0)
R4 - IP Address 4444:4444::/16 (Lo0)
R4 - IP Address 4545:4545::/16 (Lo1)

To use a Full Mesh Frame-Relay you have to map the link-local and interface addresses to the dlci. Only the link-local will have to be broadcast. Link-local addresses may vary from mine.
The command is frame-relay map ipv6

Do a show ipv6 interface f0/0 to get the Link-Local address for each router connected to the frame-relay cloud.

To enable IPv6 routing type ipv6 unicast-routing followed by ipv6 cef globally

Then type ipv6 router eigrp followed by no shutdown.

The EIGRP process by default, is in a shutdown status. Just like an interface. You will have to type no shutdown in the EIGRP process. This is a common error for those new to IPv6 EIGRP.

EIGRP also has to be enabled at the interface level by typing ipv6 enable followed by ipv6 eigrp

Put R4’s Loopback 1 into OSPFv3 area 0, then redistribute it into IPv6 EIGRP.

Ping all Address.

If you want to duplicate this topology you need at least IOS Version 12.4(6)T. Thats when Cisco introduced EIGRP for IPv6.

File : file

30. IPv6 running OSPFv3 & RIPng

Here is an IPv6 Routing Lab - Using 4-3640 Routers

It is running OSPFv3 and RIPng. Redistribution will be set up on R3. This will be a pure IPv6 environment. (as pure as I can get it)

I recommend IOS 12.3 or better

R1 & R2 are connected via Serial links using these ipv6 addresses
R1 — 0:1111:2222:3333::1/48 (s0/0)
R2 — 0:1111:2222:3333::2/48 (s0/0)

R2 & R3 are connected via Serial links using these ipv6 addresses
R2 — 0:2323:2222:3333::2/48 (s0/1)
R3 — 0:2323:2222:3333::3/48 (s0/0)

R3 & R4 are connected via Ethernet links using these ipv6 addresses
R3 — 0:3434:3333:4444::4/48 (e1/0)
R4 — 0:3434:3333:4444::3/48 (e1/0)

The Loopbacks for each router
R1 — 0:1111:1111:1111::1/48
R2 — 0:2222:2222:2222::2/48
R3 — 0:3333:3333:3333::3/48
R4 — 0:4444:4444:4444::4/48

The first thing you should do is enable ipv6 unicast-routing and ipv6 cef globally.

Then enter the IPv6 addresses.
Note: some IOS require you to type ipv6 enable at the interface level.

Router 1
Enable a router-id of for the OSPFv3 process
The Loopback and the Serial interface should be in area 0
Turn off ipv4 routing

Router 2
Enable a router-id of for the OSPFv3 process
The Loopback and both Serial interfaces should be in OSPFv3 area 0
Turn off ipv4 routing

Router 3
Enable a router-id of for the OSPFv3 process
The Loopback interface should be in OSPFv3 area 3
The Serial interface should be in OSPFv3 area 0
The Ethernet interface should be in RIPng process
Turn off ipv4 routing

Router 4
The Loopback and Ethernet interface should be in the RIPng process
Turn off ipv4 routing

Redistribution on Router 3
1.) Redistribute RIPng routes into OSPFv3 with a metric of 120 and include connected routes.
2.) Redistribute OSPFv3 routes into RIPng with a metric of 3 and include connected routes.

Make sure you can ping all routes.

Some Basic IPv6 commands
ping 0:6754:4567:8899:33:84:4
show ipv6 route
show ipv6 rip
show ipv6 ospf
show ipv6 interface brief
File : config

31. IEWB - Service Provider Topology - Visio Diagram v1.0

I have made this Visio diagram to have a better overview of the internetwork expert 4.0 service provider topology .
I have tried to match physical interfaces + Frame-relay Dlci + ATM Vci on the diagram itself so when you study you have everyting “insight”.

(Conan at hacki Forum)

FIle :

32. 3725 - Configuring a Basic MPLS VPN

You can emulate with this a 05 router MPLS VPN backbone, capable of having different customers CPE’s and working even if they have the same IP addresses and transport BGP.

It worked fine at a 1G RAM IBM NetVista Desktop with one 1.8 GHz processor.

Just remember to have SP Services IOS for this 3725

FIle :

33. MPLS VPN Topology with 2 VPNS/4 CORE Router/4 CE/

Here is a Topology for MPLS VPNs with 2 different VPNs connected to the CORE, and there is a route reflector RR connected to both PEs:


va-ce1 vb-ce1 va-ce2 vb-ce2

FIle :

34. OSPF NBMA Topology

35. IP Expert R&S WB 9.0

FIle :

36. Vlan LAB

vlan_lab Lab topology for your ccna, ccnp, ccie or just playing around

File :

37. BGP Topology Lab

File :

38. CCNA Lab for Dynamips / Dynagen

39. CCNA lab for 3640’s with switch module

Here is a lab I use for router and switch practice.
It has lots of redundancy.

The IP addresses are just suggestions.
I did it this way so that RIP and IGRP can be used too.

Designed for 3640 with a NM-16ESW switch module.
Needs IOS that understands switches.
I can not find the Cisco page with minimum IOS info, please forgive!
(sumthin like 122-8.T minimum)

File : Monster

40. Cisco Student Guide topology

I want to share the cisco mpls student guide 2.2 for practices.
This includes the topology and the *.net file.

Greetz and thanks for this great forum


File : mplslab

41. CCNP Labs (video, etc) very complete .

42. CCNA Labs (video, etc) complete.

43. IPExpert Service Provider ( SP ) v.4.0 topologies.

Here is the topology for the IPexpert Service provider v4.0 workbooks

There is one .net for the A1 rack and another for the 7200 rack.

File : ipexpert

44. DMVN by sankilla.

File : dmvn

45. 3 Router lab for basic static, default routes, RIP and IGRP

46. BGP Lab, test eBGP, iBGP, route policing and route-maps.

File : bgp_lab

47. Dynamips topology incl net file for BCMSN.

For my BCMSN study I copied the topology from my workbook and made the *.net file for dynamips.
It does not cover all topics but you can test with STP, VTP, Etherchannel, etc.

I use the C3640-JK9O3S-M), Version 12.4(16a) IOS version.

File : bcmsn

48. MPLS Lab using multiple vrfs, ospf, ldp, MP-IBGP from theciscotech.

File : lab2

49. BGP Lab V01 by David Sudjiman

bgp lab

50. MPLS Lab version 3 by Justin White. Supports IPv6 VPN feature (6VPE) 2008-04-23

File : MPLS Ver 3

51. MPLS Lab version 3.5 by Justin White. Supports IPv6 VPN feature (6VPE) 2008-04-23

File : MPLS Ver 3.5

52. CBT CCIE practice lab by French Cisco User Group

53. Dynamips Dynagen GNS3 - OSPF virtual links by French Cisco User Group

54. Dynamips Dynagen GNS3 - Topologie IPv6 avec des 2691 by French Cisco User Group

55. Dynamips Dynagen MPLS VPN by French Cisco User Group

56. GNS3 ccna troubleshooting lab

Goal is to resolve connection between the end points

Password for everything is ‘trouble’

Used c2691-adventerprisek9_sna-mz.124-13b.bin for IOS

Default location for these files is C:\Program Files\GNS3\projects

File : trouble

57. Basic setup for NetMasterClass DOiT Workbook, from CCIE track.

58. CCNP lab (BGP/Default Route Lab)

File : ccnp3

59. Cisco student guide topology

File : MPLS-Lab

60. EIGRP lab example given in Jeff Doyle Vol 1

File : EIGRP


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