Sunday, October 23, 2011

Can't make/receive phone calls on DHD

From last Friday after, I can't make/receive any phone calls on my DHD.

Firstly I think it may caused by I installed some blocking APK. Then I remove everything, it still didn't work.

Secondly, I think maybe something wrong with the RADIO. I reflash different radios and RILs. Changed ROMs and format SDcard. Nothing is helpful.

Finally, I just read some articles said they can't make phone call with WCDMA on DHD. I tried to change it to use GSM only, everything works fine. Call to my carrier provide that they confirm that something wrong with their WCDMA network. ????!!!!

Stupid carrier. No notification in advance, WCDMA signal is full bar when their network has problem ....????

Anyway. they give me chance to practice how to downgrade/return to stock/unlock bootloader   on my DHD.

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