Thursday, February 24, 2011

Free Timing Diagram Drawing tools

Many a times we need to generate/draw timing diagrams for multitude purposes. While browsing web for the same I came across these free/easy-to-use timing diagram drawing utilities.

  1. Timing Diagram Font -- Timing diagram can be generated in MS Word using this
  2. Timing Analyzer -- A tool for doing the same
  3. Timing Diagram from verilog - using the above tool and small snippet of verilog code, one can generate timing waveform from the design itself. One problem I see with it is that the code snippet doesn't use verilog macro for achieving the same. Handy Timer - A simple and handy timing diagram editor
  4. Timing Editor - Another free waveform editor
  5. Draw Timing - Command line based waveform drawing SW which take a script as its input

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