Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Fixing Error

There’s lots of different solutions on the net. I had to collect them all before I could get rid of my problems, which were:

  • Error: Package Download Failed
  • Error: Main Script Execution Failed

Both seemed to be the end result of corrupt permissions. I used ZiPhone to Jailbreak a clean 1.1.4 install and was disappointed when I hit them. Here’s what I had to do to fix them:

  • SSH into your iPhone using Terminal, or Putty on Windows
  • You’ll need to login as root with the password alpine
  • Type: cd /
  • Type: cd Applications/
  • Type: chmod 755
  • Type: chmod u+s
  • Type: chown -R root:wheel
  • Reboot your iPhone just to be sure.
  • Launch and immediately install Community Sources.
  • When its done it will want to update Community Sources. Do this.

Everything should work as normal. Note that I think the two chmod commands do the same thing, but I’m not that sure on my command line stuff, and it doesn’t hurt to do them both. Hope this helps someone else!

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