Thursday, September 13, 2007

how to calculate the setup and hold time

Given the following design,reference the figure
1.What are the effective setup and hold times between IN and CLK in the above circuit?

A. Tsetup = 4 ns, Thold = 1 ns
B. Tsetup = 3 ns, Thold = 0 ns
C. Tsetup = 3 ns, Thold = 1ns
D. Tsetup = 2 ns, Thold = 0 ns

2.What is the maximum operating frequency of the above circuit?

A. 250 MHz
B. 80 MHz
C. 125 MHz
D. 166.7 MHz

C is the corect answer for efective setup time and hold time, max frequency is 166.7MHz.

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